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Compressed Air System

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Particulate filters
Particulate filters, or after filters, are used to remove solid particulate contamination from your compressed air line. These coarse filters are typically located after a compressed air desiccant dryer and protect the more efficient filter downstream. Particulate filters can also be used at point of use to ensure clean compressed air. We use high quality filtration media for our particulate filter elements including polyester, cellulose, synthetic media, fiberglass and specialty filtration medias. These filter medias can provide up to 99.97% removal of 1 micron and better. Standard options include micron ranges from 100 to 1 micron to meet the demands of nearly any particulate air filter application. Our compressed air particulate filter elements are tough enough to hold their shape under pressure and maintain even pressure differentials to avoid collapsing of the filter element. They are guaranteed to meet or exceed the dimensions and specifications of the OEM filtration media and filter surface area