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Compressed Air System

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Coalescing filters are designed to remove water, oil vapor and other contaminants from a compressed air or gas line. Our coalescing filters provide the highest level of clean compressed air with a minimum pressure loss. They are guaranteed to equal the specifications of the OEM filtration media and filter surface area. We offer high quality coalescing filter replacements for over other brands of coalescing filters and air/oil separators for air compressors and the industrial market. . We use premium filtration media for our coalescing filter elements including borosilicate glass microfiber and specialty filtration medias. These filter medias can provide up to 99.97% removal of 0.01 microns and better. Standard options include General Purpose 1 Micron Filters, Oil Removal 0.01 Micron Filters, and 0.003 mg/ยต3 Activated Carbon 0.01 Micron Filter Elements.